Branded/Fan Page Development

Facebook fan pages are profiles for brands. Pages are Facebook’s premier platform for enabling brands to engage with potential and existing customers. It is an essentially a community platforms that give brands an ongoing platform to engage users.

DCT builds and maintains presence on branded social network pages. These pages can contain relevant information about the brand, contest, promotions, discussion boards, polls and quizzes, videos, photos, RSS feeds, events, links to offsite promotions, and custom developed applications.

Quizzes and Surveys

Collect quizzes, surveys or other data from fans. Use custom Quizzes for Pages to create and manage the quizes and invite your fans to participate.


Fun and engaging polls can help you engage your audience, get them to share content with friends, and conduct high-impact customer and market research on Facebook.

Custom Design

We provide full custom design for your fanpage. Your site and page will have same color in touch and from the fanpage one can get a clear idea about your site.


Offer alluring coupons to give your audience an incentive to become a Fan, or visit your Branded Fan Page again and again.


Integration of blog/favorite RSS feeds to your brand page’s wall, boxes tab or a dedicated tab on your profile or Facebook Fan Page.


Add automatically syndicated content and information you publish on Facebook to Twitter without leaving

Photo Gallery

Display relevant photos that engage your users and enable them to share it with their friends easily as well as post it on their profiles.

Customized Gifts

Allow your users to send branded gifts to each other, increasing brand affinity and favorability.

YouTube Channel

Add and Share unlimited YouTube videos content on your branded fan page. No more worrying about re-uploading tons of videos!